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Media and Communications Coordinator

After completing a Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne, Lachlan started working at a leading Australian law firm before transitioning into strategic roles. Having previously worked in Chancellery at the University of Melbourne, Lachlan drove the University’s international research strategy, working with partners across the globe. Now a Graduate at Coles, Lachlan is currently working in Coles Express' Strategic Initiatives team.

Lachlan is also a passionate advocate for fostering cross-border relationships. Having studied and worked internationally, Lachlan appreciates the importance of furthering working relationships across borders in a dynamic and increasingly global landscape. Lachlan’s experiences also include being the past President of the Melbourne China Law Society and a current committee member of the Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Association, and is committed to promoting meaningful links between students, professionals and industry across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

An avid problem solver, Lachlan believes that lawyers are inherently humanitarian and no conflict is beyond resolution. Given Lachlan’s global experience, this has prompted an interest in international law dispute resolution processes and how these frameworks are (and are not) used by global participants.