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Mission and values

Our mission

To promote a world of sustainable peace, justice and equality through advocacy and education of the Rule of Law.

Our values and purposes


  1. Educate lawyers and legal professionals, young Australians, the government and Australian public about the consequences of war and its preparation, including weapons of mass destruction
  2. Be a voice of opposition and scrutiny to public rhetoric that promotes and glorifies war and acts of violence
  3. Examine the social and cultural norms by which war is accepted as a necessity
  4. Challenge Australia's support of our international allies' decisions to engage in conflict
  5. Acknowledge and scrutinise Australia's history of warfare, including within its own territory against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a means of challenging Australia current social and cultural acceptance of war
  6. Work for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons
  7. Promote non-violent means of resolving conflict in Australia and in the international sphere, through compliance with domestic and international law
  8. Acknowledge that resource scarcity and climate change are likely to be reasons for war being accepted as a necessity
  9. Urge that the excessive financial, technical and human resources spent on armaments be directed to other uses that promote the wellbeing of humanity
  10. Promote, cooperate and form partnerships or links with organisations within Australia which might further the purpose of the organisation
  11. Challenge Australia's contribution to global militarisation through decisions about our defence capabilities and defence forces presence