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No to nuclear submarines, yes to nuclear weapons ban treaty

| Sam Drummond | Media

Lawyers For Peace has called for full transparency from the Australian government on a military deal made with the UK and the US.

Right at the moment we should be signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, this deal will see increased militarisation of our foreign policy and Australia becoming the first non-nuclear nation to have nuclear-powered submarines.

The deal has been done with behind closed doors without the public knowing critical details.

Australia now has a big nuclear target on our backs and has put the safety of its citizens at stake. We are setting a dangerous precedent for other countries like Iran to acquire nuclear weapons by stealth.

We say no to nuclear subs and yes to the nuclear weapons ban treaty.

Lawyers For Peace Submission To IPAN People's Inquiry

| Sam Drummond | Media

The Need for Greater Independence in Australian Foreign Policy and Defence

Since coming into force in 1952, the ANZUS treaty has significantly shaped Australia's foreign policy and approach. Australia's continued relationship and alliance with the United States is not without benefit, however it needs to be re-examined and re-imagined. In light of the changed global landscape, Australia should consider a more independent approach to its foreign policy strategy that does not require securing the interests of the United States at all cost. Under the wording of the ANZUS treaty, both nations are only obliged to "consult together" and "act to meet the common danger", placing emphasis on the word "common". It would be advisable for Australia to more strictly limit its support and alliance with the United States to these terms. Failing to act autonomously not only puts Australia's economic and security interests at risk, but also jeopardises global peace, stability and security. Respect for international law needs to guide Australia's approach to Foreign Policy and Defence, instead of our alliance with the United States as is currently evident.

Australia must play part in fallout from Taliban takeover

| Sam Drummond | Media

After the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Lawyers For Peace has urged the Australian government to assist in the humanitarian disaster unfolding.

"Australia played a part in setting up these circumstances, now we must play our part in helping those who left vulnerable," said Lawyers For Peace president Sam Drummond.

Lawyers For Peace has called on the federal government to:

  • Expand Australia's humanitarian intake of refugees fleeing violence from the Taliban
  • Grant permanent protection to Afghan nationals currently in Australia on Temporary Protection Visas.

"Our thoughts are with all those impacted, especially the women whose rights and safety are rendered particularly vulnerable now and into the future," said Mr Drummond.