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International treaty obligations

Australia has a responsibility to sign up to and implement our international legal obligations relating to non-violence and peace.

When we don't uphold our end of the deal, not only do we break the law, we send the wrong message when it comes to what the global community will accept and the tone of international relations.

Violence against First Nations peoples

Lawyers For Peace is fully committed to scrutinising Australia's longstanding history of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, including the Frontier Wars.

These injustices have resulted in violence, systemic discrimination and entrenched disadvantage against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Government war powers

Australia's government does not have to take the decision to go to war to Parliament. This needs to change.

Australia can currently be taken to war by the decision of the prime minister alone. This is a dangerous way to enter a conflict that can cost many billions of dollars and many, many lives.